Event Standby

Event Standby

Glacier County enjoys participating in community events.  One way we are able to do that is event standbys.  We have attended events such as school sports, junior and adult rodeos, festivals, fun runs, an ultra-marathon, and contract fire standbys.

The more people that gather in one location, the larger the risk that there will be a medical emergency.  Having medical responders on hand can ease your mind and let you enjoy your day.  We are able to provide BLS (two EMT’s) or ALS (one Paramedic and one EMT) crews for small or large scale events based on your needs at your request.  Our crews will be able to offer basic first aid,  rapid first response, and emergency treatment.  All supplies and equipment will be provided by GCEMS.  Transport ability will be determined based on the needs of the event, if the standby crew is a non-transport crew, they will be able to quickly obtain transport for any patient needs.

If you have would like to find out more information about our standby services, including the fees, or if you would like to schedule a standby, please contact our office at (406) 873-2727.


In need of professional, responsive medical responders for an event stand by?