Integrated Mobile Health

Glacier County Integrated Mobile Health Service

Glacier County Integrated Mobile Health Service (GCIMH) is a new program in the state of Montana that we are proud to bring to our community.  With this innovative program, we hope to develop a new standard of integrated prehospital care in Montana.

Integrated Mobile Health (IMH) is a new and evolving model of healthcare.  It is a healthcare delivery platform intended to serve a range of patients in the out-of-hospital setting by providing patient-centered, team-based care using mobile resources. IMH brings the health care provider and our specially trained prehospital providers together to bring individualized care to a specialized population of patients in their home.

GCIMH is composed of dedicated healthcare professionals that have undergone specialized training dedicated solely to mobile health.  These professionals include experienced Community Paramedics (CP), Registered Nurses (RN), and EMTs along with other trained healthcare assistants.

The primary goal of IMH is to work with the patients and healthcare providers to improve the health of our community and reduce the number of emergency room admissions and hospital readmissions.  A patient is referred to our program by their healthcare provider through our website and using patient care guidelines that the provider has established, we will visit the patient in their home.  During the initial visit our CP will assess the patient and the home, reviewing the patients history and goals.  Based on the outcome of the initial visit and recommendation of the healthcare provider we will establish a schedule of CP visits that maybe vary from home visits several times a week to a phone call every other week.  Throughout this process we will maintain regular contact with their healthcare provider to keep them apprised of the patient’s condition.

Patients who have difficulty getting from home to the provider’s office especially benefit from this service.  Many disease processes require near constant supervision to improve or to prevent from progressing.  Something as simple as missing a medical appointment can result in a patient having to be transported to the emergency room later that evening.  We are working to ensure that all patients regardless of income level, proximity to care, or availability of safe transportation still receive the highest level of care that can be provided in the community.


Some of our services provided are listed below:

  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Basic Wound Care
  • Respite Services
  • Hospice and End of Life Care
  • Immunizations/Vaccinations
  • Patient Education
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • IV Catheter Change
  • Lab Draws
  • New Mom Visits
  • Patient Needs Review and Navigation
  • Foley Catheter Change
  • Home Medication Compliance/Reconciliation

Many other specialized treatments and services are available as prescribed by healthcare providers based on individual patient needs.